Got Warts? They Travel!

A mother noticed one day that her seven year old daughter had a spot on the bottom of her foot. Not being the panicky type, she decided to just keep on eye on it and see what would happen. After a short time, of course, the mother forgot all about the small little bump on the bottom of her daughter’s foot. Several months had gone by all the while the little girl would run around the house barefoot. Her thirteen year old daughter came to her one day and wanted her mom to look at her foot because she had several painful bumps on the bottom of the feet. Shocked, the mother asked how did this happen!?! The daughter replied she had no idea and she didn’t realize anything was there until it started hurting. The mother, remembering the bump she had seen several months earlier on her younger daughter’s foot, went and examined her. She now had multiple bumps on her foot and toes.

Both girls were brought to our Dearborn Podiatry office, Michigan Foot and Ankle Specialists, where I examined and diagnosed both girls with verruca plantaris commonly known as plantar warts.

Plantar warts are a virus which can travel from one spot or person to another simply by contact. It made sense that the warts traveled from one daughter to the other since the girls frequently walked around the house barefoot. I often explain to my patients the process of getting rid of the warts would not work if they walk around barefoot because the virus could travel back and forth throughout different members of the family.

Most patients can be treated for plantar warts right here in the office and treatment is usually simple and painless. In this case, both girls were treated and the warts have not been back since.

If you happen to have any pain when you walk from the bottom of your feet, request an appointment and travel to Michigan Foot and Ankle Specialists before the warts travel to you!

Dr. Ali Safiedine