Dr. Thomas Featured In Michigan Podiatric Medical Association’s Profiles Magazine

Dissecting American health care is common throughout the country, but most people don’t consider what it takes to become a health care professional. Specialized doctors often have extra obstacles in their path. Even if their profession is in high demand, they usually work in smaller clinics or offices, meaning more insurance paperwork, and when it […]

Healthy Foot Care

Many patients come in to our Dearborn office always asking us how they can keep their feet healthy. Some basic guidelines you should always remember about your feet can be very beneficial. Caring for your feet can help you prevent foot problems down the road. Here are some foot care tips you should always follow: […]

The Three F’s – Flat Feet Fear

Day after day, we have nervous mothers bringing in their infant children into our office complaining that their child’s feet are flat. This is a very common concern, especially with first time parents, here in our Dearborn office. Rest assured mothers, your children’s feet are fine. In normal childhood development, there is no arch present […]

Heal Thyself – The Power of the Mind

Now that the Olympics are over, we have all heard about the runner, Manteo Mitchell, on the USA Olympic team that finished his race on a broken fibula. It amazes us to think to our self how he continued to run in addition to being in a horrible amount of pain. When he felt something […]

There is a Fungus Among us!

Today I will be discussing how easy it is for anyone to get athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is a fungus, known as Tinea Pedis, and it is everywhere! For example, athlete’s foot can be found in our own Dearborn public pools, locker rooms, gym floors, showers, our own homes and of course on other peoples […]

Got Warts? They Travel!

A mother noticed one day that her seven year old daughter had a spot on the bottom of her foot. Not being the panicky type, she decided to just keep on eye on it and see what would happen. After a short time, of course, the mother forgot all about the small little bump on […]