There is a Fungus Among us!

Today I will be discussing how easy it is for anyone to get athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is a fungus, known as Tinea Pedis, and it is everywhere! For example, athlete’s foot can be found in our own Dearborn public pools, locker rooms, gym floors, showers, our own homes and of course on other peoples feet! This fungus gets transferred from place to place and person to person simply by coming in contact with it. This means that if you’re walking around barefoot and someone who is infected with fungus has already walked around barefoot in the same spot you stepped on, you could catch it too! Tinea Pedis likes to live in warm, moist environments so it’s more than happy to leave a cool, dry surface such as a floor to live on your feet where it is warm and moist. Once it’s there, the only way to treat fungus is with an anti-fungal medication. Forget all the wives-tales you may have heard about getting rid of fungus by using vinegar, bleach, and tea tree oil because once this fungus is among us, the anti-fungus is the only thing it fears!

So if your feet are scaly, itchy and/or burning, you might just have athlete’s foot. Request an appointment today and come see me, Dr. Ali Safiedine, at our Dearborn office at Michigan Foot and Ankle Specialists!

Dr. Ali Safiedine