Heal Thyself – The Power of the Mind

Now that the Olympics are over, we have all heard about the runner, Manteo Mitchell, on the USA Olympic team that finished his race on a broken fibula. It amazes us to think to our self how he continued to run in addition to being in a horrible amount of pain. When he felt something pop in his leg, not only did he continue the race but he ran over 200 meters and helped the relay team to qualify for the finals.

Now obviously this is an extraordinary situation with an elite athlete and we can assume that his training must have played into his ability to complete the race and probably none of us could ever accomplish such an achievement. Sport injuries happen all the time to ordinary people like you and I; we feel pain but we’re busy so that we just go on with our daily routines. We sprain our ankles, break our toes, tear ligaments, but we still do not go see a podiatrist. This all happens because although our brain on one hand is trying to tell us something is wrong whereas the other part of our brain that needs to get things accomplished over powers our symptoms and pain.

In reality, these tears, sprains, fractures, and breaks can lead to serious problems if they are not taken care of as soon as possible. If the RICE method (rest, ice, compression and elevation) does not relieve all of your symptoms, it’s time to come to your Dearborn podiatrist. Even though your mind may be telling you everything is ok and the pain will go away soon, sometimes that is not the case. Don’t wait until it is too late!

So come see me, Dr. Ali Safiedine, at Michigan Foot and Ankle Specialists today!

Dr. Ali Safiedine