The Three F’s – Flat Feet Fear

Day after day, we have nervous mothers bringing in their infant children into our office complaining that their child’s feet are flat. This is a very common concern, especially with first time parents, here in our Dearborn office. Rest assured mothers, your children’s feet are fine.

In normal childhood development, there is no arch present at birth. The arch does not normally begin to develop until around age two when children begin to walk. The arch continues to develop throughout childhood. However, when your child does begin walking and the arch remains flat and their feet are pointing outwards, there could be an underlying problem called Pes Planus also known as flat feet. The treatment for most children is relatively simple and involves only the use of braces or orthotics. Depending on the complexity of the problem, we here at Michigan Foot and Ankle Specialists in Dearborn can dispense either a prefabricated orthotic or a custom molded orthotic. In most cases, this is all the child needs to support a proper foot structure and promote a normal walking pattern.

So if you suspect or fear that your child has flat feet, come see me, your friendly Dearborn podiatrist, at Michigan Foot and Ankle specialists today!

Dr. Ali Safiedine