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Aug 24, 2020

If you have not had success treating your persistent or chronic heel pain, it does not mean that your case is a lost cause.

In fact, that’s simply not true for most causes of heel pain in general. The vast majority of heel pain causes can be effectively treated – and without the need for surgery, either!

The best heel pain treatment plan will often differ from patient to patient, simply due to there being so many different possible causes and influences. The methods that work best for one patient may have little or no effect on another, which is why many attempts at at-home “remedies” can fall through.

At Michigan Foot & Ankle Specialists, we are experts at getting to the root causes of heel pain and pursuing a course of treatment that gets results. By following a thorough examination and learning more about how your heel pain affects your life, we can start taking action to address your problem at its source.

Here is some more information on a few treatments that are often included in many of our plans. Whatever may be best for you, it’s impossible to know until you take the first step: contact our office for an appointment!

Stretching and Exercises

Many cases of heel pain are the result of soft tissues in the foot enduring too much strain and aggravation. If you have heel pain first thing in the morning, for example, it is a likely sign that the plantar fascia running along the underside of your foot has been overstressed.

Incorporating specific stretches and simple exercises into your day can not only help reduce instances of pain such as that above, but condition your soft tissues to be more durable and injury-resistant overall.

We are happy to not only recommend beneficial stretching regimens to our patients as needed, but provide instructions and demonstrations to help make sure they get the most benefit from them.

heel pain treatment

Injections for Pain Relief

When pain is particularly severe or disruptive, we may consider a corticosteroid injection to help relieve pain and inflammation.

This is not a permanent solution, nor is it something to be used regularly. But it can be a good measure when you need fast temporary relief, and can provide some valuable clues in finding the source and influences of your heel pain.

Medical Equipment

We have many tools that can provide substantial help in heel pain treatment, often by relieving strain against a vulnerable area or redistributing pressure along the foot as you walk and move.

We might begin by recommending an accommodative device such as a night splint. For plantar fasciitis sufferers, a night splint will hold the plantar fascia in a slightly stretched position as you sleep, reducing the “shock” and pain that comes with flexing it in the morning.

Based on results with smaller devices – or skipping them entirely, in some cases – we may also recommend orthotics. These typically take the form of inserts that are placed within shoes, and provide both cushioning and corrective support to the feet as needed.

When incorporating orthotics into treatment, we tend to begin with prefabricated orthotics that are available and properly fitted in our office.

If we see positive results over our next one or two appointments and further specialization is needed, we can then prescribe custom orthotics designed specifically for the unique shape of your feet.

heel pain treatment

Advanced Treatments

We are proud to provide certain advanced treatments to our patients that can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate the rate of recovery.

MLS laser therapy is a shining example of such a treatment, and one that can be highly effective on soft tissue injuries from sports and work. When it is important to get back to activities as quickly and safely as possible, advanced treatments may become a consideration.

The Right Route to Heel Pain Relief

Your heel pain is not hopeless! We have helped a great many patients find comfort – using a wide range of tools and techniques – and we can help you, too.

Call our Dearborn office at (313) 582-6222 to schedule an appointment with us. And if you are having trouble making it to the office or simply prefer not to, we can always conduct an initial consultation via a virtual check-in as well.



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