What is the BEST Way to Treat Plantar Warts?

Apr 23, 2021

Getting rid of plantar warts is a challenge that has many possible solutions. Unfortunately, many of them are not very pleasant to experience – but we have a new technology that changes the game!

Swift Therapy for plantar warts is easily the BEST treatment for plantar warts we have ever used, and we are very happy to be able to provide it for our patients.

To get the full picture of why Swift is so great, it helps to know more about why plantar warts have been so tough to treat in the first place, and why older methods of treatment were used.

Warts Are a Viral Fortress

Warts that develop on your feet (or anywhere else, for that matter) are caused by a viral infection. Certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) infiltrate the upper layers of the skin through a break or other weak point. They then hole up and form those telltale rough, patchy bumps you are likely familiar with.

It’s true that HPV is vulnerable to attack and eradication by the immune system. However, the virus’s position in the upper layers of skin puts it in a place where the immune system tends not to notice it so easily. You can think of it a bit like a criminal operation on the outskirts of town. It keeps a very low profile.

plantar warts

The Older Ways of Treating Plantar Warts

Since you can’t always rely on the immune system to take care of your warts quickly on its own, the traditional way to treat plantar warts is to attack them from the outside. Such methods have included:

  • Surgical excision
  • Freezing
  • The use of peeling acids

And while these methods do tend to be effective, they come with significant drawbacks, not the least of which being that they hurt. The pain from these treatments can last all day, and perfectly healthy skin can be damaged in the process.

No podiatrist enjoys subjecting their patients to pain as a part of treatment, but virtually the only other option for warts used to be letting them run their course. Warts sometimes go away on their own, but often only after a very long time – up to 2 years or even longer.

So when an alternative such as Swift Therapy arrives, it creates quite a stir among foot and ankle doctors!

How Swift Treats Plantar Warts Better

Remember how we said that the immune system had a difficult time actually noticing the virus that causes plantar warts due to its location? Swift fixes that, essentially treating plantar warts from the inside out.

Swift uses low dosages of microwave energy at the site of plantar warts in order to cause a minor disruption. This causes a response that sends the immune system to that area – where it will notice a foreign invader (the virus) that needs to be wiped out. 

So if plantar warts are like a criminal operation just outside of town, Swift is like calling a tip in to the FBI!

To be fair, methods like burning, freezing, and cutting also cause a disruption that triggers an immune response – but they do it in a much more painful and damaging way. The disruption caused by Swift does not cause damage to healthy skin.

So how does it work? A course of Swift Therapy is scheduled over several sessions, much like previous methods of wart removal. During each session, we will:

  • Lightly debride the warts to provide a bit better access for the treatment. This will not involve pain or breaking the skin.
  • Use the wand of the Swift device to deliver low-power microwave energy into the skin at the site of each wart. This might cause a minor amount of pain – like a pinch – but that sensation will vanish immediately after the 2-3 second dosage is applied.

And that’s basically it! Sessions are fast and you are completely free to continue on with your day afterward. There is no need for bandages, no aftercare, and no having to limp around for the rest of the day because your feet are still reeling from treatment!

Swift Medical

A Great Plantar Warts Treatment for All Ages

If you underwent plantar warts treatment as a kid, we don’t blame you one bit if you have hesitations about doing it again – or having your own child go through the process.

But we can say with confidence that Swift Therapy is a much more comfortable form of treatment, while still remaining effective. We do not hesitate to recommend it for children, or frankly anyone who needs to get rid of warts on their feet.

There is always a small chance that warts may be in a very sensitive area. If the discomfort caused by Swift does happen to be intolerable for a patient, they should never hesitate to let us know. We can often make adjustments to improve the comfort of a session.

The Sooner You Begin, the Better!

If you have been postponing plantar wart treatment, there is no good reason to put it off any longer. The more time you give plantar warts to thrive on the feet, the more opportunity they will have to spread and become more entrenched.

Swift Therapy is the solution to plantar warts we have long wanted to provide patients, and we are more than happy to share it with you or anyone in your family. Call our Dearborn office at (313) 582-6222 to schedule an appointment, or fill out our online contact form to reach us electronically instead.



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