Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries

An active lifestyle is a big step toward an overall healthy lifestyle. And if you’re out and moving, you want your feet and ankles in top shape. They’re the foundation of your locomotion, after all!

If you have been experiencing pain or other problems that get in the way of your physical activities, do not wait on having it looked at. Letting sports injuries go in hopes of them getting better on their own can risk worse and more chronic problems over time. Whenever you have any concerns, do not be afraid to call us. We’ll be happy to help.

However, the work we put our feet and ankles through can also make them more likely to receive painful sports injuries. You don’t have to be a star athlete to suffer one of these conditions. You don’t even have to be playing sports at all! Many can also happen as a result of work demands or everyday life.

How Do Sports Injuries Happen?

Broadly speaking, sports injuries to the feet and ankles can develop in two ways:

  • Acute injuries. These are injuries that result from a sudden force or impact upon the body. Standard fractures are naturally categorized here, as well as ankle sprains.
  • Overuse injuries. These injuries result from pushing your body further than it is currently conditioned to handle. Suddenly pushing yourself hard without a proper warmup, or the impacts of repetitive motions over time without proper rest, can lead to overuse injuries of the foot and ankle.

Your feet and ankles have a multitude of moving parts, which means plenty of different ways for sports injuries to occur. Common examples include, but are not limited to:

Whatever type of sports injury you may be facing, the important part is determining what caused it and how to best address it.

Treating Sports Injuries

While the causes of acute injuries tend to be rather straightforward and unavoidable, overuse injuries can have various underlying factors that contribute to them.

For that reason, it’s not only important to identify and address the condition itself, but address these causes as well. That will help prevent future problems from occurring, and also tend to make things a lot more comfortable overall.

A treatment plan for a sports injury is dependent upon a full evaluation and determining the individual needs of each patient. A full treatment plan might include one or more of the following:


  • Rest from activities that aggravate the condition (we can help you find alternative activities in the meantime).
  • Icing the injury.
  • Medications for pain or inflammation.
  • The use of custom orthotics to shift excess weight or pressure from problem areas.
  • Stretches or exercises to strengthen areas in need. (We are happy to recommend and demonstrate various techniques, and have informational packets for reference as well.)
  • MLS Laser Therapy for accelerated recovery and relief of pain.

Get Back in the Game

There is always some frustration when a sports injury has sidelined your efforts, but the right care is crucial to a full recovery. Trying to push yourself too hard too soon can risk re-injury and even chronic problems.

Michigan Foot & Ankle Specialists is here to help you get back to action as quickly and as safely as possible. Contact our Dearborn office at (313) 582-6222 to schedule an appointment. You may also contact us electronically via our online form, and a member of our staff will respond to you.



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